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Acro Dance Specialist

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Kiana Rigg is a talented and certified Acro dance teacher with a passion for movement and creativity. With a background in dance and a deep love for acrobatics, Kiana has dedicated her life to sharing her knowledge and skills with others.

Kiana holds many certifications including Alixa Flexibility, TADA Hand-balancing, ADA Adjudicator and Acrobatic Arts which recognizes her expertise in teaching the fundamentals of acrobatics in a safe and effective manner. With these certifications, Kiana is able to provide students with a solid foundation in acrobatics, while also incorporating elements of dance and artistry into each lesson.

Kiana has a passion for dance that shines through in every class she teaches. Whether working with beginner or advanced students, She is able to create a fun and energetic atmosphere that encourages students to explore their limits and reach new heights.

If you're looking for a dynamic and talented acro dance teacher, look no further. With her passion for dance and commitment to safety and excellence, Kiana is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their acrobatics to the next level.

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